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The Honor Roll – Mr. Feeney’s Class


You and your friends have been working on your science fair project all semester. You have one hour before the bus leaves for the convention center where the science fair is taking place. As your team is putting some finishing touches on your project, you realize your research file is missing. You need to find that file before the bus leaves, or your dreams of science fair glory will be crushed. The clock is ticking!


Difficulty: 2/5

Recommended for 2-8 players


The Puzzling Prescription



It’s that time of year again – time for your annual physical.  You have an appointment scheduled tomorrow with your physician, Dr. Levi, so you don’t think much of it when you receive a phone call from his office.  When you answer the phone, however, the voice on the other end tells you that you are in danger and need to come to the office – there’s something you need to see.  Can you unravel the mystery and figure out what’s going on before Dr. Levi returns?


Difficulty: 5/5

Recommended for 4-8 players


The Captain’s Quarters



You and your mates have decided to steal a rare and priceless jewel that is said to be hidden in your Captain’s quarters. You have one hour to find the jewel while the Captain and the rest of the crew are at port. But take heed – you don’t want to be caught in the Captain’s quarters. The Captain is not a forgiving man!


Difficulty 3/5

Recommended for 2-8 players


The Witchin’ Kitchen


For generations, your family has had a rivalry with another family of witches and wizards.  Recently, they have stolen your family’s spellbook and hidden it somewhere in their kitchen.  Can you gather the potion ingredients and cast a spell to retrieve the spellbook from the Witchin’ Kitchen?

Difficulty 4/5

Recommended for 2-8 players


The Naughty List


One of Santa’s elves has gone rogue!  He has infiltrated Santa’s top secret files and moved your names from the Nice List to the Naughty List so that he can take your presents for himself.  Santa’s big journey begins in one hour – can you identify the elf, recover the stolen presents, and get your name off the Naughty List in time?

Difficulty 3/5

Recommended for 2-8 players